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LED Lighting Driver

A novel twin-bus converter using n + 1 active switches is proposed for the n-string LEDs to be dimmable from true zero to the rated current level. With the proposed twin-bus structure, the n-switches that perform the current-loop regulation can operate at very high frequency because of significantly reduced voltage stresses, while achieving high efficiency over a wide load range. With operating frequency exceeding 1 MHz in the test case, the proposed LED driver demonstrates ultra compact size inductor and fast slew rates of the LED current. The dimming controlled switch, however, can operate at a low frequency to ensure high-efficiency operation without light flicker. Experimental results of a 3-string 50-W LED driver hardware prototype show that the independent string current can be regulated from zero to the desired 350 mA for dimming control. A peak efficiency of 98.3% was achieved with 1.08 MHz switching frequency.

Offline LED lighting applications of the proposed converter with twin-bus

Experimental results of efficiency as a function of the output current


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