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High Efficiency Multiphase DC-DC Converter

This project will create a universal design for both standalone and grid-tie operation. It was funded by the DOE Solid-State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) from 2002-2009.

Key Features

  • Soft switching with zero-current turn-on and lagging leg zero-voltage turn-on (ZCZVS)
  • High efficiency operation over a wide load range with a peak efficiency of 98%
  • Double output voltage with transformer connected in open Δ-Y connection; reduces turns ratio and associated leakage inductance
  • Interleaved multiple phase operation to eliminate input high-frequency current ripple
  • Output DC link inductor current ripple elimination
  • Low-frequency (single-phase inverter load) ripple reduction with active dual-loop control

V6 DC-DC converter circuit with three full-bridge converter interleaved operation for high frequency ripple reduction

Soft-switching converter-inverter based power conditioning system


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