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Visitors to FEEC

  • C-Tech2 Engineering Camp, June 30, 2011
    • C-Tech2 - Computers and Engineering at Virginia Tech is an exciting program that helps develop and sustain the interests of women in engineering and the sciences. FEEC participated by hosting a day of lectures and hands-on demonstrations for this group of forty young women.
  • Yaskawa Electric Corporation, August 6, 2010
    • Visitors included Tsuneo (Joe) Kume, Eiji (Barney) Watanabe and Masakk Hisatsune from Yaskawa Electric Corp., and Nory Takada from Yaskawa Electric USA. Dr. Tsuneo Kume led a seminar on "Transistor Inverter and AC Motor Drive Technologies."
  • Korean Microgrid Center, July 29, 2010
    • An exciting joint workshop was conducted by the Korean Microgrid Center and FEEC. The visiting professors included Prof. Heung-Geun Kim from Kyungpook National University, Prof. Dong-Hun Kim from Kyungpook National University, Prof. Eui-Cheol Nho from Pukyung National University, Prof. Tae-Won Chun from Ulsan University, Dr. Jong-Bo Ahn from the Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute and Prof. Sung-Yeul Park from the University of Connecticut.

FEEC in the News

Internal News

  • The FEEC was awarded plus-up funding from ARPA-E. The plus-up funding will be used to develop a hybrid binary multilevel inverter for medium-voltage utility-scale applications.
  • The FEEC was awarded $1.03M from the DOE Solar Energy Technology Office.The funding will be used to eliminate electrolytic capacitors, while converting the PV's DC output to AC for a greater than 98% efficient 400-W microinverter grid-tie-in.
  • The FEEC was awarded $1.05 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). The funding will be used to develop a Single DC Source Based Cascaded Multi-level Inverter.
  • The FEEC would like to congratulate Dr. Sung-Yeul Park and Dr. Rae-Young Kim for receiving their PhDs in Summer 2009
  • The FEEC would like to welcome Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Woo-Young Choi
  • The FEEC would like to welcome visiting scholar, Kenichiro Sano
  • The FEEC would like to welcome visiting professors Dr. Yubin Wang and Dr. Woo-Chul Lee
  • Congratulations to Junhong Zhang for receiving her PhD in February 2008
  • Congratulations to Seungryul Moon for receiving his MSEE in May 2007
  • Congratulations to Greg Malone for receiving his MSEE in May 2007
  • Congratulations to Konstantin Louganski for receiving his PhD in May 2007
  • New members! For Fall 2006 the FEEC welcomes Brennen Ball, Hao Qian, Nanying Yang, and Weihan Lai to our team
  • 2007 International Future Energy Challenge announced
  • New members! For summer 2006 the FEEC welcomes Dr. Wensong, Greg Malone, Hidekazu Miwa, and Joseph Amato to our team
  • VT FEEC receives SiC diodes (PIN & Schottky types) from Northrop Grumman for high-voltage testing


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